Aquarius power
The world's first land-based wave energy system

a breakthrough in clean energy technology

The AQuarius Wave Energy System—a land-based wave energy system—uses wave motion to harness gravity in order to produce power. The ideal clean energy source for the 21st century, AQuarius has the potential to transform cities and towns into self-sufficient, eco-friendly communities by making them net producers of electricity and clean drinking water. Cost-efficient and easily combined into an integrated model, the AQuarius Wave Energy System's exceptional attributes give it a leading edge over other renewable energy technologies.


The AQuarius produces power virtually anywhere with a water source nearby using fresh water, salt water, or even grey water.

Base Load

The AQuarius has the ability to operate 24/7.


The AQuarius can be built in increments as low as 100KW or more without sacrificing efficiency (economical or mechanical).

Multiple applications

The AQuarius integrates multiple applications simultaneously, such as power generation, desalination, and water distribution.

grid interface

The AQuarius uses well-established “off the shelf” turbines and generators that provide a seamless interface with the electrical grid.

Power density

The power density per acre rivals other coal, natural gas, and oil alternatives.

Zero carbon footprint

It uses no fuel or combustibles.

Time to market

Deployable as a turnkey solution within 6 to 9 months of obtaining permits.

operating life

Depending on the design, the operating life can span 60+ years.

No cost fluctuations

As the AQuarius uses no fuels or consumables, the cost stays virtually flat over 20 years.

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About Aquarius Power, inc.

AQuarius Power, Inc. is a Texas-based company focused on assisting infrastructure developers and government organizations in providing affordable, environmentally-friendly technologies that can be integrated with their existing infrastructure requirements. We strive to build eco-conscious, self-sustaining communities that improve the quality of life for every individual. Through partnerships and strategic relationships, we provide a host of technological solutions—in addition to our own cost-effective proprietary baseload renewable energy system—that can be installed virtually anywhere on the planet with a nearby water source. Our business model combines synergistic licensing of our technology and the creation of joint venture partnerships with owner/developers who wish to integrate and adapt our technology to complement their own visions. AQuarius Power provides the equipment and expertise necessary to enable a private developer or government organization the freedom to design, procure, and build a tailor-made energy system ranging from stand-alone power plants to power-producing projects with desalination as an added feature.


Meet the AQuarius Power team.

Robert Schuster

Board of Directors, President, and CEO
As President and CEO of AQuarius Power, Inc., Robert Schuster has over 30 years of experience in introducing leading-edge products and telecom technologies into the marketplace as well as a proven record of driving greenfield companies to profitability.

Robert “Rob” Musemeche

Board of Directors, General Counsel
As general counsel, Robert Musemeche’s responsibilities include developing, organizing and directing AQuarius Power, Inc.’s legal functions and corporate governance.

Alan Seid

Business Development — East Asia and Asia-Pacific Island Communities
Alan Seid has held several senior governmental positions in the Asia-Pacific Island region, including Senator for Palau, President of APPU, and Director of the Board of the APIL.

Ajay Parmar

Business Development — South Asia and Africa
A seasoned business development veteran with experience in multiple verticals around the world, Ajay Parmaris is a creative marketing professional specializing in global public relations strategies.

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