February 23, 2016


The AQuarius Power System is a land-based wave energy system with the potential to provide the world with unrestricted, unlimited, clean, affordable, base load energy. The AQ Power System consists of three main parts: the Wave Pool, the AQ Hydro Pump, and the Wave Maker. The Wave Maker generates a wave, and the Wave Pump produces hydropower by pumping water through a set of pistons as the “floats” move up and down with the wave motion. Our system uses the gravitational and buoyant forces acting on the displacement block to produce power as it moves up and down with the wave motion.

Typically a circular pool measuring 40 ft. in diameter, the Wave Pool can be an off-the-shelf above ground commercial swimming pool or a more permanent in-ground cement pool.  Our standard design revolves around a 3-4 ft. wave regime; therefore, the minimum pool height would be 7 ft. (assuming the ratio between wave height to pool height is 2:1).

The Wave Maker is a simple displacement block connected to a motor that moves the block up and down at a predetermined rate and height. This simple design takes advantage of the following scientific wave principles in order to generate and maintain waves at a certain height efficiently: waves are reflective; waves are additive; waves do not attenuate. The combination of these wave propagation principles is what we call the “pebbles in the pond principle”. 

The AQ Wave Pump has three basic components; the Buoyancy Block, the Lever Assembly, and the Piston Assembly. By applying a few established scientific principles (such as Archimedes’ Principle), the AQ Wave Pump uses a “buoyancy block” that floats up and down on water and forces one arm of the lever up and down as well. The lever assembly transfers the up and down motion of the Buoyancy Block to the pistons at the other end of the lever.  The Piston Assembly pumps water (or any fluid) through the piston at a predetermined flow rate and pressure.   


System Design

While the AQ Power system can be configure many ways, our standard configuration consists of a circular wave pool measuring 40 ft. in diameter and 10 ft. deep with 24 AQ Wave Pumps along the outer edge of the pool and one AQ Wave Maker in the center, generating 3-4 ft. waves at 30-40 cycles per minute.

Each AQ Wave Pump is projected to have a 3600 lb displacement block attached to it measuring 5x4x3 ft. Each wave pump is projected to generate 5-7 hp based upon a 3 ft. wave height regime which would result in an output projected power of 115 hp. The projected operating cost is approx $0.035 – $0.050 per kWh and a capital cost of less than $3,500 per kW.


Competitor Analysis

A comparison of the key parameters of energy technologies reveals that the AQuarius Energy System far exceeds other renewable energy and fossil fuel technologies.